Why choose NovoMedici?

NovoClinical is a robust, cloud based, full service Practice Management and billing EHR that is ONC 2015 edition certified. NovoClinical is provider and staff friendly and yet offers the latest in medical technology to maximize efficiency and allow for the best in patient care. Intuitive and automated features with an eye pleasing and easy to navigate dashboard, NovoClinical was developed to follow the typical medical practice flow and process. With such an understanding of the medical practice, NovoClinical is easy to use, with training completed in a few hours – not weeks.

Developed with minimum clicks and maximum automation, NovoClinical is voice recognition driven with the option for manual input when preferred. Integration with processes, features and vendors is limited only by the imagination. Support is responsive with virtually no down time. The NovoClinical patient portal allows patients to input and update demographics, make payments, view reports, communicate with the staff and so much more to minimize document processing at the time of service. Support is superior and responsive with the virtual elimination of a ticketing system.

Perfect for virtually any specialty or billing environment, NovoClinical is the right choice for your EHR. Easy to integrate, train and use, NovoClinical takes the fear and burden out of choosing an EHR. NovoClinical can help a practice survive in today’s difficult healthcare environment

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