About Novomedici

NovoClinical is the EHR software subsidiary of NovoMedici LLC. Years of research and development went into NovoClinical – nearly 20 years worth. Frankly, the system could have been rolled out years sooner, but the development of a proprietary modular design to allow for faster adaptability and customization couldn’t happen without the implementation of proprietary state of the art engineering. It took a little longer to develop, but the result is revolutionary.

Unlike other EHR systems that employ dreaded "click technology", Novoclinical is fluid, easy to use and minimizes training time because it is based on paper chart familiarity, free form dictation and minimal click. As quickly as the provider speaks, reports and orders are generated. End users (staff and providers) can be trained in hours, not weeks.

In developing NovoClinical, the development of a 360 solution that minimizes "human interaction" and maximizes computer technology. "Every time a person touches data, you invite a five percent error factor. When you start adding all the data points of entry, you can see why practices experience 50 percent or more overhead costs. NovoClinical's advanced, yet user friendly technology, drives that overhead cost down to five percent or less.

Cloud based and extremely secure, NovoClinical gives practices increased production, improved flow and a better bottom line.

The secret behind NovoClinical is it’s modular design.

What does modular design mean to the end user? Unlike other systems, where change causes disruption, change with NovoClinical is virtually plug and play. It also means ease of integration and customization. We call it adaptability.

The end result is an EHR that is easy to use, efficient, cost effective and state of the art. With its disruptive technology, NovoClincial is changing the way the medical community looks at Electronic Health Record systems.

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