Billing Management

Simplify Billing with Top Medical Clinic Billing Software Online

Medical practices, clinics and hospitals lose millions of dollars every year due to insurance billing and coding errors. Front end rejections, denials and incorrect information can cause a massive loss of income. It can also slow the reimbursement process significantly. In far too many cases, claims are not paid because of timely filing issues.

Wrong policy number provided by the patient? NovoClinical knows. Wrong name provided by the patient? NovoClinical knows. Wrong address? NovoClinical knows. Clerical errors that are made within the patient registration processes are one of the biggest reasons for denials from insurance payers.

Every insurance is queried to determine eligibility, co-pays, deductibles and more. The correct information is populated into the patient’s charts, virtually eliminating those costly data entry errors.

EOB are electronic and require no manual posting. NovoClinical even breaks down the EOB by claim, and by patient. The system calculates the amounts paid, applies them to the patient ledger and then looks for patient secondary and tertiary insurance coverage. If present, NovoClinical automatically calculates the amounts, makes adjustments and creates the secondary and tertiary (if present) claims and sends them out. Automatically. Automation at its finest.

With a plus 90 percent pass rate for the clearing house, we call NovoClinical intuitive. Practices call NovoClinical light years ahead. We couldn’t agree more.
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